Privacy Policy

Data Stored

User IDs: Blacklisting, Roleplay (ship percentage), Economy (balances, inventories), Leveling (user levels), Moderation (bans, kicks, mutes, warnings), osu! (profiles, servers)

Guild IDs: Enabling/Disabling Commands, Bot Language

Channel IDs: Enabling/Disabling Commands, Airing Notifications, Leveling

Role IDs: Level Rewards

Webhook URLs: Logs

All data is stored in a MongoDB database. Nobody other than the developers of Noel have access to any of this data.

Data Removal

We can remove some data we have stored. Some data such as warnings cannot be removed without the permission of the server the warning was given in. Blacklists will not be removed via data removal requests. Command usage will not be removed via data removal requests. This data has no identifiable information stored.


Macros, Spam, Self-Bots

Usage of self-bot, macros, scripts and anything else used for automation of commands is prohibited and will result in a blacklist. Mass amounts of spam will result in the same punishment.


The usage of Noel to promote or advertise anything unrelated to Noel will result in a blacklist.

Discord ToS and Guidelines

Failure to follow Discord and Noel's ToS will result in a blacklist.


You must hold the legal rights to use any payment method with any purchase and all information provided must be correct. We reserve the rights to refuse or cancel orders you have placed at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if fraud, an unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected.


If you need any kind of assistance or support regarding Noel, you may join our Discord.


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